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Hi, welcome to Trail Exposure, a space for hikers and photographers, one or the other, or both!

My name is Matt Austin, I am based in the south of England and I like to hike, explore and to capture the splendour of this planet with high quality imagery.

Over the last 13 years I have had the privilege to walk some of the best routes here in the UK and around the world and to photograph as I go. I haven’t stopped yet so more content will be added as I go, as well as delving deep into my archives to publish more.

The images you see have all been taken by me personally and the trails shown have all been walked by myself solo, or with others, so all the information contained is real life knowledge, no second-hand accounts here!

I have included some useful information including, routes, costs, timings and kit lists etc as I’d like the site to become an interactive community for hikers and photographers who share my interests. (a lot of information is still to be added to the site still, bear with me!)

Please feel free to contact me through any of the mediums below, I like to talk and would love to discuss any routes, trails and photography experiences with others.

I am also interested in any feedback on the site itself.

Thank you and enjoy the site, but most importantly go out hiking… and take photos!


Email - matt@trailexposure.com

Instagram - www.instagram.com/trailexposure

Facebook - www.facebook.com/trailexposure


Trail Exposure Montage